Message From The Principal


During the 2012-2013 school year, our theme is “Slinger Elementary – Where We Are Wild About Learning”.  Some of the activities that promote our theme include:  supporting the Washington County Humane Society, guest speakers who discuss various forms of wild life, and the staff reading books about animals.  We do all this in order to make our children wild about learning and to maintain our high standards for both academic and behavioral expectations. 



Our school has a long tradition of high academic achievement.  Our staff works hard to individualize learning for every child.  We also have a very strong partnership with our parents and our whole Slinger Learning Community.  The support our school receives from our community is unbelievable.  We have close to 100% parent attendance at our Parent/Teacher conferences, we have an annual fundraiser that supports our school for the entire years, our PBO has provided our school with SmartBoards in every classroom, and every day we have volunteers in our school supporting our 605 children.


One of the reasons Slinger Elementary is such a great place to learn is the outstanding parent and community support we receive. We look forward to continued success for our children and our school. We welcome your involvement; please call 644-6669 and we will be here to support your child.



Sue Weisse, Principal 
Slinger Elementary School
203 E. Polk Street
Slinger, WI 53086


  Phone:      262-644-6669        Voice Mail:  262-644-6204



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